The expansion of sales network of fashion and design brands can be facilitated by the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society.


[brxy_text_block][su_box title=”EXPANSION OF SALES NETWORK” box_color=”#1cfe03″ title_color=”#000″][su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]he brand’s sales network extension service ensures that buyers are presented with the opportunity to present themselves in advance of the buying campaign period, so that they reserve a portion of budget for new placements, which they otherwise allocate to brands they already buy or know.[/su_box]

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  • Increased sales through connections with in-target buyers
  • Increased strategic contacts with buyers, which can also be used in the future by the brand
  • Obtaining a professional sales setup for the present and future of your company

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  • Provision of an experienced Buyer with 20 years of experience, from Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society’s team, who will actively connect your brand to 100+ in target buyers from Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society’s network.
  • We will go through the process of creating a business strategy that involves producing the digital materials needed to be able to present a consistent collection to buyers (thus including the technical brand presentation, line-sheet and look-book), including providing examples of how to set it all up.

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  • Writing the perfect brand and collection presentation email to be sent to relevant buyers.
  • Indication of the roadmap of 2023 trade shows with specific focus on sustainability and with an international catchment area, in which we will suggest participation to expand the brand’s sales network.
  • Assistance for your brand for the duration of 3 months.


How does the service work?

[su_service title=”STEP 1″ icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#C0EC83″ size=”40″]Contact our Customer Service team and tell us in which business sector(s) would you like to improve the sales network.[/su_service]

[su_service title=”STEP 2″ icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#96CC39″ size=”40″]We will call you back and offer you a free initial phone consultation to better address and understand your business and requirements.  [/su_service]

[su_service title=”STEP 3″ icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=” #547A1D” size=”40″][su_service title=”You will receive a proposal within 2 working days from the first contact. ” icon=”icon: clock-o” icon_color=”#f9030a”] [/su_service]


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