Lazio Fashion Law: approved the law promoting the regional sector


The law on fashion in the Lazio Region was approved: yesterday the Lazio Regional Council, chaired by Marco Vincenzi, unanimously voted (34 votes) the bill no. 202 of 23 December 2019, concerning “Provisions to promote the fashion sector”, first signatory Massimiliano Maselli (FdI), also signed by other majority and opposition directors.

This is a very important provision which supports the Lazio Fashion Systemand it was Maselli himself who illustrated the provision to the Council Chamber, retracing the stages of the legislative process of the proposal, characterized by numerous hearings held in the Economic Development Committee.

“This law – explained Massimiliano Maselli – intends to promote the fashion sector, in all its meanings, which certainly includes textiles, but also the world of accessories such as shoes and jewelry. The Lazio reality presents some peculiarities, with respect to the national territory: we have an important concentration of companies in the sector in Rome, but also in the provinces; a culture of training for haute couture. Most of the businesses are artisanal. The purpose of this bill – added the proponent – is to recognize the Lazio Fashion sector, a strategic flywheel for economic, social and cultural development and relaunch, capable of producing employment effects not only in its own sector “. After recalling that Lazio is the first region in Italy to approve a text in support of the fashion sector, Maselli also explained that “the allocation of 1 million and 900 thousand euros for the two-year period 2022-2023 is only a first step”.


The Lazio Region fashion law provides for the establishment of a regional fashion day, with a series of events and prizes for emerging young people, and the creation of a “regional fashion table” at the regional management responsible for economic development.

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The bill obtained the consent of all the directors who took part in the general discussion.

Marta Leonori, Democratic Party Group chairman stressed how the law is important for a fundamental sector in our country, first in Europe for the number of employees, seriously affected by the pandemic but with prospects that seem positive. An important sector also for training schools, academies, which are the strong point of our Region. A law that will surely put an additional piece in our productive and also cultural system”.

Positive opinions also came from the center-right benches. Orlando Tripodi, president of the Lega group, reiterated that it is a measure “very important for the Lazio region, for the relaunch of the industrial sector linked to textiles but also accessories. It will also serve to accelerate the labeling of quality products”. Giuseppe Simeone, Forza Italia’s parent company said it is“a right law to revive the economy, a breath of fresh air for all companies working in this sector, which will have one more chance to better represent us in the world”. Adriano Palozzi (gruppo Misto) reiterated that the proposed law“intervenes in a very important sector, at the center of Made in Italy together with the food world, which has perhaps experienced the danger of disappearing in this period of pandemic emergency. This is a sign of great sensitivity that also offers the opportunity to have constant dialogue for the development of our country”. Concepts reaffirmed by Fabrizio Ghera, group leader of the Brothers of Italy, which also highlighted another qualifying point of the provision:“It is not only important for big brands but also for small operators who still create jobs and development. A text that puts our region and our country at the forefront”, he said.

The fashion sector for Lazio is a leading economic, social and cultural asset – declared the regional councilor for Economic Development, Commerce and Crafts, Universities, Research, Start – Up and Innovation, Paolo Orneli this is why the law approved by the Regional Council is a provision of great importance, which supports the Lazio Fashion System as a whole, providing in particular for the promotion of: ” computerization of SMEs in the sector and the development of their relationships with training institutions. With the text approved and financed with 1.9 million euros in the three-year period – he continued – the action of the Region in this sector of primary importance for our economy is made more organic, so to be able to accompany him in the best possible way in his future challenges. In fact, an annual plan of the fashion system will be drawn up every year and the regional fashion day has been set up, designed to facilitate meetings between institutions, associations and operators in the sector and to implement initiatives and events, including the regional prize of the fashion aimed at young stylists and designers.”

Of course also the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society expresses great appreciation for the approval of the provision, to the drafting of which the President Valeria Mangani contributed significantly, as a fashion consultant to the Hon. Maselli from 2019.