Materials Lab

At the Material Laboratory of the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society, our mission is to revolutionize the fashion and design industries.

The Material Lab of the SFIS serves as a comprehensive platform encompassing the entire product development process, from conception and proof of concept to production and application.

We leverage the power of talent and knowledge, fostering an environment where innovative philosophies come to life and transform into tangible solutions.




⦁ Research and development of materials: we are able to conduct research to identify innovative and sustainable materials that can be used in the fashion sector. We can analyze the properties of materials, test their durability and sustainability, and provide recommendations on their application.

⦁ Sustainability Consulting: Sustainability is increasingly important in the fashion industry. We offer advice on best practices and sustainable approaches to material selection, waste reduction, improvement of manufacturing practices, etc.

⦁ Smart Materials: We can help companies leverage smart materials and wearable technologies in their product design. These materials can include fabrics with tunable thermal properties, integrated sensors, luminous fibers and more, bringing advanced functionality to clothing.

⦁ Testing and Certification: We offer material testing and certification services, ensuring that products meet the required quality and safety standards. We take care of resistance tests, chemical analyses, performance evaluations and more.

Our main goal is to help companies improve the quality, performance and innovation of their products through the application of advanced materials and cutting-edge technologies.

In addition to its internal product development endeavors, the Materials Lab actively challenge prominent companies within various sectors to reimagine their products. By encouraging the creation of new applications, it aims to foster more efficient and environmentally friendly processes and outcomes.

Ambition extends beyond research and development: the Lab aspires to conceive fresh industrial concepts and integrate bioscience into them, thus providing solutions for diverse industries and markets.

Some benefits for Companies
working with our Materials Lab :

  • Innovation and Differentiation: By partnering with us, companies can access cutting-edge materials and technologies that allow them to develop innovative and differentiated products in the market.
  • Sustainability: We help companies identify sustainable materials and adopt more eco-friendly manufacturing practices, contributing to their sustainability strategy and enhancing their reputation in the industry.
  • Improved performance: The application of advanced materials can improve the performance of products, for example through increased durability, improved comfort, water resistance or thermoregulation.
  • Reliability and compliance: Our testing and certification services ensure that products meet the required quality and safety standards, offering reliability and regulatory compliance.