Narrated Fashion Show®

A conscious return to the pure roots of fashion: where tradition and innovation meet to give life to the new Humanism of fashion.

The iconic Narrated Catwalk® implies a narrator who comments on the technological innovations, the sustainable materials used and the carbon footprint consumed from each brand for the production of the outfit on the catwalk.

NARRATED CATWALK® is the famous trademark of Phygital Sustainability EXPO®, which sees, at dusk, a sublime music surround the Trajan's Markets and an off-screen narrator's voice describing the technological and sustainable innovations of each garment that walks the millennial catwalk of the Imperial Forums.

Narrated Catwalk® fashion show

Each brand is asked to produce an evening outfit for the runway - the one most representative of the collection's sustainable innovation.

This is done to promote the movement against over production and to debunk the credo that sustainable fashion cannot also be elegant.

The background music Vide Cor Meum by the composer Patrick Cassidy, was defined by Warner Music as one of the 10 most beautiful music arias ever.

The Narrated Catwalk® is a format with a highly cultural rate for sure, but at the same time also educational, since in purpose to make the public/consumer aware of the impact of fashion, the carbon footprint emitted for the production of that garment is announced.