Expert speakers

Green Confidential® epert speakers. We invite top class international and national institutions (governments, multinational firms) that play key roles in global sustainable transition to speak during our speakers section.

Institutional lecturers are present on stage during each Phygital Sustainability Expo® to talk about how companies and organizations are addressing the sustainability transition and how are they helping the country reduce CO2 emissions.

An international Honor Committee
+ Panels with international speakers

The exclusive Phygital Sustainability Expo® format includes a panel of speakers from organizations and institutions that represent the elite of international sustainability. Our guests will have the opportunity to listen to them during the “Green Confidential” educational workshops, Which will involve scholars and researchers, innovation brands and manufacturers, creative clusters and startups, with a focus on the sustainable product and process chain (Academic Partner of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”).

Speakers at the 2022 EXPO 

Green Confidential® for Institutions
+ Organizations

Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society invites a range of institutions that play key roles in the country’s sustainable transition to the lectures during the event.

Green Confidential® for Innovators
+ Fashion Brands

Phygital Sustainability Expo is the quintessential stage for fashion brands to announce the sustainability transition to the international fashion and sustainability world.

Speakers at the 2021 EXPO 


Institutional Relations