The Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society is the largest European Association of eco-sustainable brands and manufacturers, with more than 2,000 fashion and design companies officially registered.

A platform for the international promotion of sustainable Made in Italy

For years it has brought together sustainable companies in a single network platform and above all provides support to companies that want to become sustainable, providing a series of services that are made available by our partners.

Materials Lab

We leverage the power of talent and knowledge, fostering an environment where innovative philosophies come to life and transform into tangible solutions.

We suggested parliamentary motions and bills for the ecological transition of the fashion sector and ESG issues

The Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society is a center for the production of knowledge on issues related to Sustainability, proposing itself as a privileged interlocutor of the Public Administration, local authorities, industry, dedicated finance and the various players operating on the reference market

We care about the great problems of the world of economics, politics, justice, media, ethics and bioethics, family and gender equality.

In particular, our organization is active in spreading the culture of sustainability in every field and educational declination, be it civil, industrial, agricultural, food or energy-related

Our commitment

Valeria Mangani, President

Constant support in favor of manufacturing, craftsmanship and “Made in Italy” design, unparalleled and recognized worldwide, in the rapid renewal and adaptation of the production and distribution evolution processes to market demands in the immediate future.

Monitoring the change in technological innovation factors, such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain, industrial digitization, CRISPR, luxury up-cycling.

Attention to the sustainable conversion of global ethical fashion, according to internationally shared ethical-environmental factors, it is mandatory to keep “digital-first” customers on the frontier of the digital land-grab.

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